View Full Version : Please look at these bugs

15-05-2015, 07:07
Here's some bugs I've encountered in my PS4 version of the game:

- When you drive into the pits with karts, instead of turning in to stop behind your pit guy, your kart just stops in the pit lane and you just get warped over so you're behind your pit guy.
- Sometimes, automatic pit control doesn't take over when you enter the pits, and you're able to drive as fast as you want. This also causes you to be able to drive through your pit guy like he's a ghost.
- While driving the 125cc shifter karts, when you accelerate and brake, neither of your feet move.
- Also when driving the 125cc shifter karts, they don't receive any damage at all, no matter how hard you crash them, even when full damage is turned on.

I get every game is going to release with SOME bugs in it, and this game WAS developed on a budget, by a community instead of just a big well known publisher, but its just annoying having THIS many bugs in a post release version of the game, which in my opinion, has real potential to be the best sim racer on consoles. I just hope that these bugs get ironed out ASAP, so we can all go on to enjoy this awesome game like we should.

15-05-2015, 09:06
Yep the cars need to be in 2nd gear when you get back control rather that bouncing off the Rev limiter. I've found when ever I exit the pits at spa after coming for damage I get a 20 second penalty for cutting the corner!

15-05-2015, 13:16
Hello, I first have to start by saying how amazing this game is, highly impressed. I have noticed that when doing time trials and free practice sessions that my car will not pit stop during scheduled or unscheduled stops. the car will enter pit lane and drive straight thru. I could intentionally drive my car into a wall and it will prompt the engineer to have me come into pit for repairs but the car will enter pit lane and drive straight thru. I have not started career mode or done much driving online in fear of messing up the experience.......PLEASE someone help. I dunno if the game design does not allow for pit stops during free practice and time trials or is something else wrong......What to do. Thank CARS