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15-05-2015, 07:49
Went onto Free Practice at Bathurst last night with the Ford Escort Mk1 (what a beauty might I add), did my tuning in the pit box, the hit "drive" to head out and all the sound cuts out. No sound whatsoever from the car, crowd, collisions or anything... just silence...

It hasn't happened to me with any other car on this or any other track

Anyone else had this happen to them?

Stuart Hunt
15-05-2015, 09:19
There have been reports of it occasionally happening and it has been looked into already, but we've not been able to nail down a solid repro for it yet. I'll add your steps to the bug, and hopefully that will help track it down asap. Apparently restarting the session usually fixes it (going to/from replay probably would too).

15-05-2015, 11:42
Thanks a lot for coming back to me Stuart, much appreciated!! :)

16-05-2015, 03:48
Im getting it randomly as well. So far, restarting the session fixes it. First bug ive encountered.

16-05-2015, 05:26
Partial sound dropped off mine once the first day I played it. Haven't had another issue since, thankfully.

17-05-2015, 08:00
I've lost aud audio from engineer to controller and checked all settings

Stephen Baysted
19-05-2015, 06:43
I've lost aud audio from engineer to controller and checked all settings

One thing to bear in mind is that the engineer does not necessarily speak in every race, you might go a few races without hearing him. And indeed as you progress through the game you'll hear him less often anyway.

19-05-2015, 07:31
I've had something similar – driving the Mclaren P1 had full engine effects (backfires and off accelerations sfx) but on throttle was some sort of half volume crackle, paired with a visual glitch where the exhaust backfire had the lighting effect but no flame.