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15-05-2015, 07:50
I've been playing this since launch a lot on Brands Hatch,I'm doing the career in Clio Cup and noticed that when I raced ,practice ,qualify at Brands the frame rate dropped and looked like it was lagging like online.
It's strange because when I have raced it before it's just been in solo mode so is this something to do with the career mode?
I tried it several times and the weather seemed different each time but issue was still there.
Like I say I've played this since launch and this is the first time I've noticed it so I can only presume it's the career mode.
It wasn't in my opinion unplayable it just distracted and made it more difficult especially in the corners,all in all I'm really enjoying this game .

15-05-2015, 07:57
I too suffer the same. It is even worse on Oulton Park for me.

Somebody suggested deleting Blu-ray persistent storage in the Blu-ray drive options of the console, it worked for a time, now the FPS issues are back and just as bad.

Slightly Mad are aware of the performance issues though and working on it. Last update was they hade gotten 4 to 7% better performance thus far. Not sure if that is enough, but should help to some degree.

15-05-2015, 08:10
It happens to me too buddy but it's not limited to one or two tracks. I get it on most tracks in both career and quick weekend.