View Full Version : My future patch wish list, SMS please read it!

15-05-2015, 08:28
A lots of thing I want....

1. Let's PS4 support a PS Vita as second Screen like current 3rd party 2nd screen App on mobile

2. Dash box View (Forward the position not FOV Zoom!) 202608

3. Add Layout on Track section Views.

4. Stroke the Player Narrow on MiniMap 202609

5. Reduce Gamepad handling difficulty (Foot panel is the big issue in Asian) , Able to reassign keys on Console, DRS is not Auto, added like filtering like RBR 202611202612

6. added a Larger HUD or Motec Size , Add Fuel info and add Fool Panel input monitor on HUD (not only on Telemetry)

7. add a graph to represent Speed for Gear Ratio setting. (Up to 400 km/h please)

8. Fix DRS animation in replay.

9. Add DRS, Kers , Brake Balance Animation on Wheel

10. Add Feet lever animation on Kart

11. a Detailed Digital Manual (Now like a shit)

12. a easier Camera for take photo.

13. Replay allow switch driver.

14. Save data Backup function

15. Net code improvement (Asia too far to Europe and US, Ping too high, reduce the Jam please)

16. Tweak Long audio message sub-title out time.

17. add Assist active or deactivate notify message

18. Added Prize after race event, like extra Livery or performance tweak

19. Added main Rival in game season

20. Able Custom livery for Console if possible.

21. More Logitech or other old wheel support on Console (Some people used G27 or Driving Force GT and feel not happy PS4 not support)

22. tweak console frame-rates at least 48 fps in very condition

Maybe more soon.

21-05-2015, 19:55
Point 7. I feel a tractive curve graph would make it too easy for some. Just get out and try your car. The telemetry app may have some useful features that map power and speed points from a lap. I would be suprised if it didn't.