View Full Version : UK Clean drivers on full damage only please

15-05-2015, 09:53
Hi all I am looking to add anyone who just wants clean racing on full damage. I'm normally on between 9 GMT and midnight mon to fri. PSN name same as my forum name. Get back to me with your PSN and I will give you an add or look me up in game. Cheers.

15-05-2015, 15:36
matt_dvc hope you are a fan of 10+ lap races too :)

15-05-2015, 16:09
I'm in !.........psn is TREKEX9......

15-05-2015, 17:08
x9Livesl, BossyTripod. Send us an invite we're normally hosting small 4 people lobbies

15-05-2015, 17:47
come and join us at we race Sunday 7.30-9pm we have 10 people for our league and run races every night with 8-16 people check out the link below


15-05-2015, 21:05
Check out gtarena.com.

There's a bunch of us that have been racing gt5/6 since 5 first appear. Great bunch of fellas, a number of us are looking at project cars and there will be some casual racing in the coming weeks. Looking to assess online formally once the current season closes though lots still in the mix as you can understand at the moment.

P.s. GBRC, is the British group within GTArena, hence my sig here & psn ID