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Twitch account - http://www.twitch.tv/overtheline92/profile
Youtube Account - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UpoDHg7Z3mE0uYzpm2d-A

Want to race with other like minded people? join Chequered Flag Endurance, currently with 131 members overal, We have a Endurance series currently underway, 2 hour races, and 5 tracks to get everone eased in, silverstone has been completed, but dont worry, le man has double points, so you can easily make up lost ground. Join now to get into this great series, full calender will be hosted next year alongside the real series (1 week after the real races) or so we hope. we currently have 21 people signed up to this champ, and 32 slots overall, meaning you could fill one of the 11 slots remaning, so best hurry up. hope to see you on the track,

here is how it works


1) all race sessions and events will be posted on the steam group, this eliminates any confusion and doesn't force people to forums etc, just log on to steam and click on the group calendar for information

Once the group settles down we will look into getting a website up. however don't forget to Subscribe to the forum, to get regular updates of events. if you have any questions about an event or want to put forward any ideas. post a comment on the steam page or message a admin directly

Admins - OverTheLine, Rirdeg


2) on the event page will be information about the event, including start times, classes and track information. Each race will have a specific amount of slots, The main layout will look like this

LMP 1 - 6 slots
LMP 2 - 6 slots
GT3 - 10 slots
GT4 - 10 slots

The race timetable will be posted in full via a discussion page with time and dates, this will then be added to the events page to reflect this

But what about other races?
Not everyone will be able to make these races. and we understand this, like in real life we are looking at 2-4 week gaps in between races, depending on how things go. to keep us all occupied a smaller championship. with smaller races with single classes. will be created, this not only keeps our hands busy (literally) but also allows people who did not get into the main championship a chance to still join in on the fun.


29th - 31st May - Silverstone - COMPLETED -
5th - 7th June - Monza
3rd - 5th July - Le Mans
24th - 26th July - Watkins Glen
7th - 9th August - Spa


3) Sign up -

Championship - a discussion will be posted on the forum, each will have a class title, a raffle will take place. and the slots filled, there will be intervals in between each raffle. allowing people to choose a alternative class to compete in should they not get their first option. Players will participate in the same vehicle throughout the championship, so choose wisely and make sure you are comfortable with the pace of the car you are signing up for. If you wish to change or cancel your slot...please do so in reasonable time.


Sign up for LMP1 class - 5 slots, 10 people apply - raffle takes place, grid full

15 minute delay

Sign up for LMP2 class - 7 slots, 8 people apply, raffle takes place, grid full,

15 delay

Sign up for GT3 Class - 10 slots.....

you get the idea , the way this works is the classes with less vehicles get picked first...this is a fair system that has players picked at random, If you don't get your desired class...this give you time to choose an alternative if you still wish to participate in the Endurance series...if not then don't worry, there will still be other junior championships you can have fun in. Like the Ginnetta G40 Cup and Renault Clio cup, and so on

4) Sessions

Practice -
will be done on Friday and Saturdays - the servers will go up and down throughout these days, we have a dedicated server. we will sort out a time table in due course to work around their availability - if all else fails and they are not around - why not practice solo? however we will do our best to meet requirements for people who works and host in both mornings and evenings as best we can.

Qualifying -
For each Series, a 30 minutes qualifying sessions will take place, currently there is no way to carry the results from one session to another (ie we cant have the results from Saturday carry over to Sunday), for this reason all qualifying sessions will take place prior to the race itself - we think this is the best approach, not only does it keep all the important stuff on one day, but people simply have to turn up for one lump of time to cover the event..instead of turning up to several days.

Races -
Races all take place on Sunday, start times will vary depending on the championship.
Having said that, the endurance series will aim to start at 1700 BST hours, this will allow flexibility for people who live across the other side of the world to sign up, and no one is left out.

For smaller championships, we will try and be as helpful as possible, due to the races being considerably shorter however, We may have more than 1 race per Circuit (like real life), this will also be held in the afternoon (UK time)


5) join the session, the session will be private on the Project Cars lobby..for obvious reasons. we don't want trolls ruining the experience, on each event - will be a password for the lobby itself. it would be wise to ensure you have this at hand when joining. once in, ensure you pick the correct car, we expect people to adhere to what they signed up for, anyone who decides to take a F1 car to Silverstone while everyone else is in Renault Clio's for example, will be removed instantly, and it may effect you chances of getting into the more prestigious events


I hope this helps...the rules and the layout is designed to ensure a good experience for all playing levels. we hope to see you on the race track whatever your ability, have fun out there.

Thanks for racing with us!


the group is public, so just click the link and join , we have a dedicated server that can run at 100mb/s, so we hope lag will be minimal, but is still to be tested for this game, however it has handled arma 3 before.
any questions, add me on steam (OverTheLine), uk Based. all welcome, here is the link to the group

Thanks for looking and hope to see you on track!


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bump - update

25-06-2015, 17:46
guys, we are doing le Man soon on 3rd and 5th july, i will be streaming it on my twitch account, but more importantly..we got several slots in the group for GT4 - interested? join up and read the rules - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/chequeredflagendurance

09-07-2015, 14:00
still got slots if people interested. not many though :)