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15-05-2015, 11:51
First of all, I'm driving this on a console. My main input-device for PS4 is the PS4-controller. Like most of the users of this game. I play with wheels on proper sims on computers.

* Curbs are more slippery than ice. I have to forget everything I've ever learned about apex and how to tackle turns to be able to get around corners in this game
* Steering response is so slow that I can go take a dump before the steering wheel returns to centre after full lock. This makes it impossible to have great laptimes with go-carts, but I guess it makes it easier to drift.
* Steering around centre is so sensitive that my car almost takes a 90 degree turn just by touching the steering wheel.
* The turbo-sounds! Why do every car with turbo-engine sound like a mixture of the cars from Fast and Furious and a hoover?
* Why do the cars get pulled off track when the wheels are outside asphalt? At best, it should be less grip on the grass ... At least it should be possible to have two wheels outside the track when overtaking without having to wrestle the car just to go in a straight line.
* Why do the front pull into the wall if the side of the car slides into a wall? If this was true behaviour of cars, then you would see Nascars do 90 degree turns into walls in every race.
* AI don't care about blue flags. They race you when they get lapped.
* AI brakes way too early before some turns and rams you sideways if you brake later and pass them on the inside. wtf!
* The go-carts don't jump when the driver makes a bad turn (ask any go-cart driver if you are unsure about what this is).
* The cars are way too nervous when braking. I've not driven one car that does not pull in one direction under heavy braking. The only vehicles I've found that does not pull, is the go-carts. They lock the rear wheels (like go-carts do).
* At Spa, the Mercedes A-class hits the wall on the way out of pits (before player control)
* It's impossible to change livery or personalize driver helmet/suit. Everything is random. It should not come as a surprise that the helmet and driver suit are personal and a major part of racing. It's the way fans recognize us ...
* The images you take does not save. I can't find them. Tried by taking a photo both in the garage and during practice.
* Why do I have to press pause during a race to be able to use photo mode? I don't have time for that during a race! Photo mode should be available from the replay ...
* It takes no less than 2 minutes(!) to set all photo-settings to zero. And I have to do that every single time I take a photo. Wow. Just wow.
* I have problems showing my results in community events. Tested one event yesterday (just a few laps - but still) and it did not show up on the leaderboard before today.
* The graphics. It's so far off what have been showed us in trailers and screenshots that it in itself is probably a valid reason to return the game for a full refund. I can clearly see poor graphics just a few meters in front and back of the car I'm driving. And things in the mirror disappears after a few meters. What's taking all the resources since simple things like that was not prioritized? Forza and GT on the previous generation looked better. Are there any settings I can turn off to get a smoother experience?

Anyway, that's what I feel after 3 hours in Project Cars. My expectations were sky high because this game was said to be in the same league as Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2. Project Cars may be great on computers with wheel, but I have to say: for a game that cost me 600 NOK (72) this is nowhere near ready to be released on PS4. I actually feel ripped off considering the first thing I had to to was to download an update of almost 1 GB and I've still found a lot of issues by playing a couple of hours. How bad was this game on release?

15-05-2015, 12:20
I play on PS4 too and l'm loving it.
All the things you named are (in my opinion) minor things and dont hurt the game at all. There are some things that need fixing, but you really mentioned irrelevant stuff.
I cant confirm the curb-thing, nor is it bad that you get pulled off track when you leave it, my advice here: Stay on track!
You can change livery. Also, the controller is fine, you can tweak the settings to your liking. Controller users even compete with wheel users, easily. So it must be a problem on your end.

15-05-2015, 12:45
Return it.