View Full Version : Question about loading car setups in career

15-05-2015, 11:59
Sorry if this question has been posted anywhere else. I have searched and can't find anything.

So I've recently started tinkering with tuning. I would like to have a general tune available for, let's say one car just now, that I can tweak for each track. Now as I understand it, I can do this just fine. But...

1. How do I then apply the setup to a car in career? I am currently on the Superkarts Championship and cannot select any other vehicle from the car setup menu other than the Kart. Yet, I've had perhaps 5 or 6 invitationals in a range of cars before the Superkarts season even started, with more to follow. Am I right in thinking I can't apply any other setup during a whole season?! Or...

2. If I apply a setup for a specific car to all tracks, does the game then pick up this setup in career when you select that particular vehicle? If so, then this is good. But then...

3. If I can't name saves for car setups, how do I know which are track tuned, and which are just general tunes?

On reflection, it would be just so much easier if we could load our setups from in the pit garage.