View Full Version : Xboxone multiplayer- issues finding a lobby with matchmaking

15-05-2015, 14:02
Am writing this post while waiting for the matchmaking to find me a game. I have been stuck on the 'joining multiplayer session...' screen for nearly 10 mins after initially and ironically pressing 'quick random race'. I dare not cancel as I'll be forced to have to wait another 30 mins of failed matchmaking attempts and game crashes to find a new lobby. Even when my friends invite me to their game I am again left with the 'joining multiplayer session....' screen for 10 minutes without it actually joining. Wasn't too bad last night but today have managed to find literally only one single multiplayer lobby in over an hour of matchmaking. Even in that lobby I couldn't drive because it joined me halfway through the practice session lol. Just want to race but give up!

Pressure Drop
18-05-2015, 22:06
I have the same problem :(

18-05-2015, 22:09
I just set up my own lobby and invite people and leave it open so its accessible for public.

19-05-2015, 01:02
Always willing to play. Add me and send me an invite. DERKA DERKA1337