View Full Version : N24 At the Nurburgring this weekend.

15-05-2015, 17:20
There is a 24 endurance race this weekend at the Nordschleife.
Big shout out to all the teams and drivers that will be braving this epic race. Lets hope everyone makes it around ok.
Special mention for one of my favorite motoring journalists , Chris Harris who is driving a factory Aston Martin GT3. He has managed to put the car 49th on the grid out of 72 starters in all classes.
Good luck to everyone :D

Ps. Here are a few of the cars taking part, check the liveries on some of these.202715202716202717202718202719202720202721202722202723

15-05-2015, 17:23
is this on tv???????

Mr Akina
15-05-2015, 17:25
is this on tv???????

Not in the UK, there maybe a feed online somewhere. The highlights will probably be on MotorsTV in a couple of weeks.

15-05-2015, 17:26
I never understand 24 hour races.

15-05-2015, 17:27
You can watch it here:
For sure you can use http://www.radiolemans.com/ for english commentators.
It was mentioned that there is also a live stream for international spectators on youtube somewhere.

I just found this page. It is mentioned that there will be a live stream when available.

The race will start tommorow at 16 o'clock (german time).

I hope i could help.

Mr Akina
15-05-2015, 18:02
You can watch the World Touring Car Championship on Eurosport tomorrow morning from 09:45 - they run before the N24 kicks off.

15-05-2015, 20:07
Thanks for the info it always takes a lot of faffing to find any streaming. Will enjoy watching and replicating in pcars!!!!

16-05-2015, 13:35
I tested the live streams for the 24 hours race. For those who are interested in watching this great race and who is outside of germany, this is your link (the vodafone live stream):