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15-05-2015, 17:45
Is there some way to see more online sessions than what are showing up by default?

Apparently the game is only showing sessions where the host has the same download region as me in steam and thus there are not many sessions showing up.
I created a lobby a few days ago and my brother could not see it in the list. Same thing if he created a lobby, in browse mode it did not show for me. I was able to send/accept an invite and was able to join him using the steam friends list option to join but not through the game itself.

I looked this morning to see what sessions where going and I could see 5 or so then I went to steam and checked my download region which was set to Charlotte NC. I changed this to Philly and saw 6 sessions all different than what was there before.

Anyway it appears that we are limited to the small number of sessions that were created by users who have the same steam download server and if that be the case it is really sad and places a severe limit on what races are available to us to join. The game should allow us to open that up a bit and see many more sessions, something like an option for region, country, continent, world or something like that. Being restricted to a single city is not very good, even worse for those of us that have odd schedules and race late at night or very early in the morning. Being able to see sessions in different time zones would be a good thing in those cases.