View Full Version : Looking for advices about downshifting with sequential gearbox

15-05-2015, 19:18

I just got a wheel to play with Pcars. I used to play with pad and automatic shifting before and now I am trying to learn manual shifting mode with the T100. I tried with the Clio but have a bit of difficulties for downshifting, maybe due to bad timing or coordination while breaking. Any advices would be greatly appreciated.

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15-05-2015, 19:36
I usually brake first or slow down my approach to a corner then downshift while slowing down..but I don't always get it right so I also need better advice from seasoned drivers.
Try not to change to Gear 1 too soon when dealing with very tight corners, otherwise you will spin.

15-05-2015, 19:50
I'll give a very, very, general/broad tip. For now, only downshift when the revs are extremely low. I suggest driving a more neutral car (maybe the Lancer would be a good choice.)