View Full Version : pit crew chatter not working

15-05-2015, 19:42
This may sound dumb, but did I somehow turn off pit crew talking through my controller? I find it to be a very useful tool, and for some reason it stopped working. I haven't heard the pit crew talk in over 10 races. Can someone tell me if i turned that off somehow?

So what I did was delete the game, but not the saved game info, and re-installed the game. pit crew talks again.

Ok, now it stopped after two races. I know I'm not pushing the wrong button, but now this is getting under my skin. FIX THIS PLEASE. I find this to be a very useful tool, and I think it sets itself apart from any other racing sim because if it's features like this.

Max Kelly
16-05-2015, 10:32
page gameplay ->

17-05-2015, 03:52
ok, so does anybody plan on fixing this bug in an update?