View Full Version : engine blown. what do i do now

15-05-2015, 19:56
So im doing a 50 lap race on laguna seca in the ruf gt-3. And i just got a message saying mechanical failure and then my engine blew. Then the pit coach told me to wait and someone will come get me. Do i just wait or did i pretty much loses the race and im just sitting here for nothing lol. Someone please tell me

15-05-2015, 20:01
I don't know why, but this thread made me LOL. I can just imagine someone sitting there for 30 minutes waiting for the virtual pit crew to show up.

15-05-2015, 20:06
I know lol. Thats why im asking here before i become that person. I know i sound dumb but i didnt know. I assume i just lost the race then

15-05-2015, 20:07
I did the same thing first time it happened to me. Not for 30 minutes but I sat there for about 5 minutes waiting. I mean the dude said wait so ok, I'll wait. Now I know he's just sitting in the pit laughing at me so instead, I just choose "retire to pit". lol

Umer Ahmad
15-05-2015, 20:41
Sorry guys, there's no "virtual" cleanup crew. Once your engine is blown or other terminal damage the race is done. Just do "Simulate" or "Retire"