View Full Version : Additional funcion for Helmet Cam

15-05-2015, 20:54
There is this helmet Cam view in the Game.

I did not really like it in the beginning, but started to like it more, and more, yet it has a minor issues, that would be nice to address.

It uses depth of field, that is realy nicely done, yet it blurs the MOTEC display. Would be nice, if it would be possible to bing a button for the situation when you would want to look at the motec, as you cannot read it while looking onto the racetrack.
By pressing the button, the focus should shift from the racetrack to the Motec.

Also the look left / righ movement should be speeded up a little, as it is very slow at the moment.

20-05-2015, 00:02
You can turn off the depth of field effect in the options, whilst it's nice I much prefer racing with it turned off! You can also adjust the amount of look-to-apex etc for helmet view. Explore the options, lots of things are configurable :)