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15-05-2015, 20:56
Hi All,

I am playing on PS4 with DS4 Controller. It has been a nightmare reassigning buttons, adjusting settings, etc to be able to use the controller effectively. I am in expert mode with all handicaps off and I am manually shifting. I was beyond amazed that the developers allowed L1 and R1 for shifting and L2 and R2 for throttle, because you can not do both simultaneously without major hand contortion (but that is another story). I have now altered my shifting up/down to L2 and R2 and my throttle/brake is my right stick (default on Gran Turismo with DS3). I'm pretty much dialed in expect for two things that are puzzling me

1. Shifting into reverse and back into first: This process takes forever and involves far too many button presses! When I spin into a wall or get bumped into a wall by AI or another player, I am required to downshift 4,5, or 6 gears to get into reverse. Then come to a complete stop before being able to shift back into first. The complexity of button presses involved in this is mind-blowing, and I usually lose 2-3 extra seconds of just fiddling with buttons on an already disastrous racing situation. I assigned a button to the reverse gear in controller settings but it does not work at all. I was reading a PC thread and someone said you must assign a button for neutral, then press the assigned reverse button after, but I don't have the free buttons and this really doesn't help with the complexity involved in this situation. Secondly, I was reading about an "automatic reverse" setting, but I have not found it. If this exists on PS4, where is it and what does it do?

2. RPM Gauge on HUD: Is there a way to add a detailed and prominent RPM gauge to the HUD? I drive in first-person mode (with some of the dash showing) using manual shift mode. Occasionally, the vehicle I am driving has a clear RPM gauge that I can monitor, but most times, it us not visible enough to use effectively. The RPM red light that comes on in the lower right of the HUD (small circle that flashes red) does not give enough detail on RPMs, and when driving Karts or other cars that rev quickly, it is little to no help. My method thus far is to learn my car's engine noise and shift when the whine is just right. This doesn't work in all situations (like when other cars surround you and drown out your engine noise) and never works when it is your first time driving a new vehicle which you are not accustomed to. With so much HUD adjustment available, how can there be no options on what items are on the HUD? Or am I missing something here?

Thanks for any feedback!

15-05-2015, 22:27
The makers of cars don't want you to lose control of your car. It is a serious thing and should happen far less often.
They definitely intentionally made it as difficult/real as possible to recover from.
Couple tips.
You can not move forward until you stop going backward. Won't let you because that's impossible in real life. You need to be very deliberate when rowing through the gears while losing control, or risk blowing a gear box. Couldn't just slam from 6th to first while spinning at 100 mph in real life right? Then wait to stop and just take off? It's been simulated to make you lose time if you panic and randomly select gears without rev matching. Slow down and be calculated with your revs and gear selection. But mostly there trying to get you to avoid spinning entirely and stay within your limits, or pay. I quite like it. Keeps the jokers well behind.

15-05-2015, 22:53
I completely agree with you about not losing control of the car. I have played racing sims for over a decade and am playing PCars without any assists (full damage). I started career mode in Kart racing and so the scenario that I describe is quite common. Usually, AI bumps me into a tire wall and I'm in 3rd, 4th or 5th gear. I am completely stopped and facing a wall while still in 4th gear. The cycling through gears and neutral etc is ridiculous. In real life you could push your clutch pedal, enter neutral, and go straight to reverse. PCar has added a reverse button assignment for this purpose, but it doesn't do a damn thing in game! Also in real life, while rolling back, you can press your clutch pedal, and enter first before coming to a complete (zero mph) stop, although I agree that you couldn't immediately jam it into 1st from reverse, but common! The mechanics of this are just silly and the button assignment for reverse does nothing!