View Full Version : what's up with the leaderboards?

15-05-2015, 22:35
I've done numerous laps for the community events, and also for the time trials but not 1 lap time has registered on the leaderboards, kind of defeats the object of both of those sections of the game

Max Kelly
16-05-2015, 10:35
known problem

16-05-2015, 11:56
Same problem. No times in leaderboard. I will wait for fix in future patch.

16-05-2015, 12:38
Someone posted this in the PS4 tech issue forum:

Quote Originally Posted by wyldanimal View Post
PS4 - Community Events - No Time Recorded

I ran both the Cleo and Mustang Community Events.
I did see a message about times being updated..
after Exiting the Event I pressed Square to Locate my Time..
It said No time Found..

Then I scrolled Page by Page R2 Button ( This is very SLOW, really really SLOW )
you can't even just hold the button. and Multiple Presses aren't Buffered.
So it's R2 wait, wait wait.. Page down... Repeat for 300 pages..

I got all the way to the bottom..
Only the top 3000 times are recorded on the List..

My time was outside (slower) of the 3000th time, so that could be why, It's not found on the List..

So that two issues.
The Painfully SLOW page Down...
and Only the top 3000 are listed.