View Full Version : Leaderboard times not posting

biggy brains
16-05-2015, 02:44
don't my clean laps in career mode on given tracks give me a time on the leaderboard? Am I missing something? do you have to a Time Trial specifically in order to post a time to the leaderboard?

I'm not always connected to the internet when I play but I would assume once I connect, once every 2-3 days that any clean laps would then post.

anyone have any insight into this?

all the controller work-around have me at least playing the game and able to enjoy it to a point thus far.

16-05-2015, 04:52
Please search before posting.

Only time trial mode counts towards the leaderboards, to ensure a level playing field.

Chris Sercombe
16-05-2015, 12:03
Will they be adding friends option on leaderboards and per car basis soon ? thx