View Full Version : For Multiplayer to be successful & fun

Andy Apex
16-05-2015, 03:35
In order for any type of "open multiplayer" to be worth spending anytime doing.
It would need some type of ranking system. For example Laps per incident.
The more clean laps you run the higher your ranking. I'm not talking about
an incident being 2 inches off a curb/kerb. I'm talking about an incident being
when you cause a racing incident between yourself and another car.

Well since this does not run on servers that can keep a ranking system.
This system would have to be a user tracking with the data stored in the "cloud" or
on each users system.

My point being then you could create a race with a filter of players with a LPI ranking of
20 or higher. Meaning hopefully anyone that comes in to the race you just setup would filter
out the wreckers and bashers. Because I doubt they could build up a high LPI.

LPI - (It was used by Papyrus in racing online- The very first online racing network - which later became iRacing)
LPI creates a system in which promotes clean racing.
Clean racing is what we want.
With all the data that can be obtained in the current sim racing platforms...creating a ranking
system seems like it would be a natural. The more great mutiplayer races your in, the more
you talk about it and the more copies of the product are sold. A win win.

The only way to have clean "Open Multi" race now is with ghost cars.
If the bashers can't hit you. Then they can't wreck you. And you can enjoy
racing with all the others. It's either that or try to run private leagues.

I doubt Project Cars with do anything about this. But I just wanted to suggest a way I've
seen work in the past. Is is fool proof. No, not at all, nothing ever is. But it's a huge
step in filtering out the clean racers from the wrecker boys.

I've spent over 15 years racing online. The only time I enjoyed it, was with friends only or
racing with a filtering system. Or with other cars being ghost cars on Forza in their C Class
lobby. Any other open multiplayer is pretty much a real waste of time.

Project Cars has what can be an amazing racing experience. As the bugs are worked
out and they have time to fix and tweak it. I think it will become one of the most
fun and exciting racing Sims I've ever driven. I've already had a few WOW moments,
and said to myself that was an absolute blast.

Thanks for all the hard work so far that has been done with Project Cars