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16-05-2015, 04:35
Hey guys, My apologies if this needs to be moved and/or already addressed, bit I figure I'd make a topic regarding the Pit crew. I do remember seeing the development photos a few years back, and how the pit crew was vastly detailed, they even had pit crews modeled (e.g. McLaren style pit crews for Formula A, or just a guy in racing overalls and a hat for the likes of a NASCAR pit crew). What happened to these pit crews as in the final game you juts get a race driver holding a board when pitting? Is there a pit stop DLC on the way? If so, how soon? Within 2-4 months? Or did it not make the cut and is in store for PCARS 2? Also, what happened to Tire punctures if I may ask. Thanks!



16-05-2015, 04:59
Pit crews will be added later, they were not 100% ready for the release so were held back to give SMS time to get them right.

No ETA, you will have to wait for official announcements.