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16-05-2015, 04:52
1. After a pit stop, it feels as if my tires aren't fully up to temperature and so I should be expecting a lack of grip, but it's not much better than being on cold tires. Any suggestions?

2. What causes a tire to overheat and how can you manage overheated tires?

3. Is there a way to tell how long a set of tires will last in a long race? Seems like you'd be at a big disadvantage if not.

Mr Akina
16-05-2015, 07:22
1. Tyre warmers don't get the tyre up to race temp, so they will have less grip - but will be better than stone-cold practice tyres.

2. Friction causes tyres to heat up. So brake earlier and don't spin them up exiting corners. Understeer will cause the fronts to wear/heat and oversteer will cause the rears to do the same. Just be smoother. Sometimes it's unavoidable; one of the fronts will overheat quicker depending whether it's a clockwise or counter-clockwise circuit. It's only practice that will improve things.

3. Testing.

16-05-2015, 08:33
I drive without ABS...in Assetto Corsa, when you lock wheels, a damage indicator pops up saying you are punishing the tyres too much...In pCars, I haven't done long races, but it seems to me that tyres are taking no damage, other than just heating.

I have tried big locks, that would eventually explode tyres xD...Maybe it is my first impression and I am wrong, but it appears to me game is too much permissive with locking brakes.