View Full Version : Career mode - third race in series wouldn't let me practice or qualify

16-05-2015, 05:34
Started the Formula C American series tonight. Set fast time in Practice 1 & 2, Qualifing 1 & 2, and won both the Sprint and Main races at the first two tracks.

Watkins Glen was next but the Calendar took me directly to the Sprint. No practice option and no qualifying. Tried several ways to get in including a reboot, but no dice. Started 20th in a 2 lap race and could do no better than 5th. Managed 2nd in the main from the 20th position on the grid. Managed to get within 5 seconds of the leader, but a late lap torrential downpour convinced me to back off and accept 2nd.

Any thoughts on why Practice and Qualifing were not available for the last race of the series?