View Full Version : any chance of a ghost mode multiplayer option?

16-05-2015, 07:01
hi all this is my first post.!

would there be any chance of adding a ghost mode multiplayer option?
i love pcars so far and i love racing with my friends who i can trust to be clean but when i open up the room for public we get a few crashers and idiots in general and it would be good to be able to have the option to go ghost and just not have to worry about people like that - also would be good for when i have had a few drinks and my reaction time isnt as good :o

now i do prefer non ghost but the option to have ghost would make it easier to trust people in a public made room and would cut down on the accusations of intentional ramming when it was accidental

17-11-2015, 12:09
I'm on board with this request as well, I've been doing the ghost leagues in Forza and its good to get away from the crashers from time to time.