View Full Version : 24h Le Mans crashes near the end

16-05-2015, 07:54
Alright. Have tried the invitational 2 times now. First time it crashed my ps4 15 minutes before the end. Just did my second try after letting it be for two days (was too upset to try it again sooner) and whaddayaknow it crashed 40 seconds before the finish! Near the end when the sun comes up it lags pretty bad for a couple of laps and at this point it crashed on my first time. On this second attempt it did the lag spikes again and I was so worried it would crash again so I took things extra careful, ie. if I saw there was a large group of vehicles coming up I'd just slow down and not go near a huge pack of cars etc. to keep the stress to the system minimal. And was so happy when I got to the last lap and thought this would be the time. But argh, 2/3 in on the last lap boom.

Now just as a PSA to others on ps4, you might want to think about this as a possibility. I should have thought to possibly take out all the graphics options that might stress the system before trying it again. I really think the cause is overheating on this one, atleast to an extent.

Love the game too much to not try it again, but as before, it will take a couple days to get over this disappointment :D

16-05-2015, 11:26
I don't think its overheating, sounds like a mathematical anomaly destabilising the game, very anoying. Ps4 is a new system. Im sure the graphics engine will be tweaked to work nicely with the Ps4's framework, the techs at Sony won't let software of this standard run on the network for long, they have very high standards, unlike MS.