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16-05-2015, 08:32
First of all, I acknowledge there have been launch issues,and that the devs are working their butts off to fix the issues, thanks guys, your commitment is appreciated.

Secondly, Project CARS has finally brought to the table something that has been desperately needed (particularly to console platforms) and that is major competition! The likes of Forza an Gran Turismo have rested on their laurels for far to long causing racing sims to stagnate, leaving players feeling starved of fresh challenges.

Project CARS is the new benchmark, and the other developers will have to up their game to stay in the race (no puns intended)

Special thanks to Ian Bell, and the SMS/WMD staff for delivering a masterpiece of digital engineering.

16-05-2015, 11:29
Nice to see a thread appreciating the efforts instead of slagging it off. I for one am loving it. Well done them!

16-05-2015, 12:03
By the way guys tomorrow is sunday, so down tools and get down the pub, i cant buy you all a beer, so please buy your own from me :rolleyes:

16-05-2015, 13:50
Yes! Well said. Kudos to SMS. The issues are minor in comparison to what they've delivered.

And it's definitely a game changeer in the console space. I haven't played GT, but I've been with Forza since the beginning. In my opinion, the franchise plateaued with Forza 3, in terms of game play. Since then, the graphics have gotten better and the tracks a bit more polished and accurate, but they've done very little to take the overall experience to the next level. Forza 5 was a serious disappointment. Given Turn 10's relationship with MS, I expected much more from the next-gen racer. Dynamic weather and a more expansive open wheel tier would have been great. They shorted us on the tracks and only added a few new ones over the past TWO YEARS. Why? Because they didn't have to. There was simply no other choice for sim-style racing on Xbox. After what SMS just released, I bet ANY money Forza 6 will bring a ton of new features to the game. Not because they want to, but because, now, they have to.

I for one, will not be buying Forza 6 at release. That's a big change, because I've always bought them on day one. But after being left to languish in the lack luster world of Forza 5 for two and half years, I refuse to jump to give Turn 10 my money. If I can wait, then so can they. I'll probably still pick it up, but I'll wait until the price drops (or maybe I'll just buy it used). For now, PCars and F1 are the only titles I'll be buying day one. Sorry Turn 10, but you've soured a good relationship.

And thank you SMS for saving me from that hell.

16-05-2015, 14:02
It's true you saying that , I've also been a massive forza fan but started to struggle with reasons to keep buying them after 3,

I won't this time round be buying FM6 at release for no other reason really than the fact I'll be to heavy into Project car's, due to work and family racing games tend to take me around 2 years to.complete anyways, but I did fire up forza 5 yesterday and it just felt flat.

I.Take my hat of to Ian and the team they really have thought out of the box and launch bugs or not this is one hell of a racing game and once the bugs are sorted and a few bits have been implemented it's going to be so far ahead of the comp it's untrue

16-05-2015, 14:07
Whole heartily agreed with all the above comments , well done lads, you really have raised the bar when it comes to console racing/sim games and long may it last

16-05-2015, 15:25
Good Job SMS, you game is epic! Love it!

16-05-2015, 16:07
I am enjoying project cars too.In fact i am loving it one of my pet hates with forza over the years was the environment / race circuits felt dead project cars has brought the circuits alive.

16-05-2015, 16:14
As long as you're happy, RetroNoob, that's all that counts.

16-05-2015, 16:20
As long as you're happy, RetroNoob, that's all that counts.

Only thing (apart from patch) that will make me happier with this title is getting my wheel, and occulus for total immersion,

Ohh and the Mclaren mp4/4! :cool: