View Full Version : what id like to see.

16-05-2015, 08:48
Spend a good bit of time with this game as you can imagine, had my eye on this project since it was first announced, the core game I'm loving, the cars, the challenge it presents, graphics, car set ups, weather effects and so on, but there are a few things I wouldn't mind seeing tweaked in this game, for instance, a settings option while in a race meeting would be brilliant, I hate having to keep going in and out of a session to slightly tweak audio settings if the engine is too loud so I cant hear my friends, also although I love the minor tweaking you can do with the camera view you prefer, again, rather annoying having to come out of a session to jump in to the settings menu, tweak, then set up the session again just to see if you hit your preferences, its literally just the little things that need sorting, but the core game really is everything I wanted it to be.

16-05-2015, 10:28
Spot on wit monster,its the small things,for me it bugs that i have to change the HUD layout on every race,i prefer the map in the bottom left,quite often the map cannot be seen if its sunny when left in the top corner.
And sometimes things disappear,i had several races the other day with no mirror,map or voices through the controller,rebooted and it was fine.
Another thing id like to see is the ability to use the PS4 second screen function,PC players already have the apps available to display the speedo,gear,fuel,revs etc on there mobiles or tablets so why not a ps4/android/iphone compatible app ?

16-05-2015, 11:31
Yeah I agree mate, I love the fact that they really ripped up the rule book on racing games and were very brave, they could have followed suit, grinded for kudos or cash or points for the next best car, but they were bold, the car list isn't huge, but every car is unique, for sure I can think of 100 cars that would add to the game, but it doesn't matter, what we have is fine, it is, like I said,the smaller finer things that just need a small tweak hear and there so the game as a whole is much more accessible more of the time, sure there are bugs, the one that annoys me more than most is when it rains, the ai can remain on slicks, while I'm all over the place and struggle for grip, they are not affected as they should be. But what game doesn't have bugs, I feel good about this game, I really get the feeling its going to get the support