View Full Version : Graphical issues during replay: lights / bonnet

16-05-2015, 09:31
I've noticed the following graphic issues when watching a replay:

-> The third red light in the center of the Pagani Huayra's back just shines through every other car (see attached screenshots):
Maybe that also appears on other cars.

-> When I loose the bonnet in replay it is replaced by a brand new one when crossing T1 / T2 / Finish line, or when passing the speed limiter in the pit lane. The rest of the car remains damaged.
Had this with a Ford Escort and also with the Ford Mustang Cobra Trans-Am

It is just for the aesthetics. :)

16-05-2015, 10:16
Is this screenshot from a dumbed down PC version? Those graphics look awful compared to my Xbox One......

16-05-2015, 12:41
No... They come directly from my Xbox Digital Version... Here you can see the original shots. http://1drv.ms/1JOXF05
And I have all the effects set to ON/MAX

17-05-2015, 10:47
Oh it's where it's been scaled....

22-05-2015, 13:39
I just want to add another issue in the replays: It is said that the patch will fix problems with sky/stars/sun rays/etc. when camera moves fast.
I have encountered that debris from the cars stuck in the air when forwarding/rewindng the replay. I am talking about the small mechanic parts that spread from the car.