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16-05-2015, 12:17

If this works there is a PDF above. Here is the list anyway. Thought it would be good since you cant see instantly in career mode if you've done the event or not. Have fun :)

American Endurance
Ardennes Kart Masters
Atom Blaster Supercup
Atom Blaster Trophy
Azure 3-Point
Benz A45 Club
BMW 1M Eifelwald Sprint
California 3-Point
Caterham Academy
Caterham League 500
Dubai Kart Masters
European Endurance
Formula A World
Formula B World
Formula C Asia-Pacific
Formula C British
Formula C Euro
Formula C US
Formula Gulf
Formula Rookie Euro
Formula Rookie German
Formula Rookie UK
Formula Rookie US
Formula Rookie World
German Supercar
Ginetta G40 UK
Glencairn Kart Club
GT3 Asia-Pacific
GT3 Euro
GT3 RGT-8 German
GT3 RGT-8 Supercup
GT4 Asia-Pacific
GT4 Euro
Historic C1 Euro
Historic GT4 M1Procar
Historic GT5 320 Turbo Pan-Euro
Historic GT5 Capri US Torque Riders
Historic GT5 UK
Historic GTC TC Euro
Historic GTC TC Nations
Historic TC2 UK
Historic TC2 Escort Classic
Historic TC2 Euro Classic 300
Historic TGA E30 Drivers
Historic TGA Euro
Historic TGA Evo2 Drivers
Historic TGA RS500 Drivers
Kart One Championship
Kart One UK
Lakeville Focus
Lancer Club Sakitto West
LeMans 24H Endurance
LMP1 American
LMP1 Pan-Euro
LMP1 World
LMP2 American
LMP2 Pan-Euro
LMP2 World
LMP3 Rookie Euro
LMP3 Semi Pro Euro
LMP3 UK Rookie
LMP3 UK Semi Pro
LMP3 US Rookie
LMP3 US Semi Pro
McLaren Brands Hatch Club Day
McLaren F1 Track Masters 3 HR
Mono Redliners
Nordschleife 12 HR GT Endurance
Nordschleife 12 HR LMP Endurance
Pagani Monza Club
Renault UK Clio
Rising Sun 6 HR LMP Endurance
Road Entry Club UK
Road TC Euro
Road TC1 UK
Road TC2 US
Road TD Brands
Road TD British
Road TD German
RUF CTR3-GT Velocity 1H
Starlight Glen 6 HR GT Endurance
Supercar Ardennes Clubday
Supercar Azure PointMan
Supercar California PointMan
Supercar FreeFall 24 HR
Supercar US Clubsport
Superkart Championship
Superkart UK
TrackDay 25 HR Green Hell Madness
TrackDay 25 HR Panorama Madness
Tri-Nations 1000 GT Endurance
Tri-Nations 1000 LMP Endurance
Vintage F1 Lotus Class Of 67
Vintage F1 Lotus Class Of 74
Vintage F1 Lotus Class Of 77
Vintage F1 Lotus Class of 86
Vintage GT 67 Mk IV
Vintage GT TransAm Cobra
Vintage Stock Caper Special
WMD Euro Trackday
WMD UK Trackday
WMD US Trackday
World Endurance
Zonda R

23-05-2015, 10:56
Exactly what I needed - thanks!