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16-05-2015, 12:54
It just suck!!!!!

Those"drivers"cant drive on a damn straight not hitting anyone!!!

I mean WTF???!!!!!

First race Brands Hatch, BMW GT3
- hit an amazing start, gained two positions, in front of me cars are flying (!!??), dudes are hitting eachother, ok, somehow i pass the first right hander, second hairpin dude is hitting me like"i cant pass u im gonna hit u", ok, back on track, gained again few positions, now im in a battle for 3rd position, i hit early the throttle, gain more speed, side by side in the middle of the track, right hander in front of us, im like a meter in front of him-hi rams me and i spin out, for him, no warning, no penality no nothing, amazing rules regulation.....

Can admin like kick/ban player for not holding the rules or regulations..??

Driving on Barcelona, in a titile says"GT3"cars, I enter the event-all Formula A carts, and still i beat them with McLaren GT3 (ok, i finished 4th and 5th", but still, hitting all the damn time, dirty drivers!

I know that no one is perfect but its insane how theyre driving!

Im a clean, fair racer, i anybody have like a crew for racing, please add me bcoz i want a serious racing not this sh..t!

16-05-2015, 16:47
I always have good racing with the 3-5 guys in front. I just have to make it through the first lap, wait for the noobs to leave session and it's on. I had a great Donnington session today with 10 laps of full-on racing action. But yeah, at start and first turns, people can't race for shit.