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16-05-2015, 13:47

First I want to say that I love project cars.

Now that the game has been out for a while, I started to discover some bugs.
graphical glitches are nothing that bother me particularly, I can manage until they are fixed.

But now i have notice problems with tyre wear. Have tested real and x2 x3 x7 .... tyre wear online with ai.
and the player(s) do not get effected by tyre wear only ai

It is a big problem because now I do not know if the game actually simulates my tires right
Really frustrating!

I just want to know if someone knows how the bug appears and if all cars are affected or not?

This is one of the best simulators available, definitely to consoles
so I hope it gets fixed soon! :)

16-05-2015, 13:54
Have you tried it without AI and human players only, yet?
Because l remember 2, x3 and x7 working for me.

16-05-2015, 16:49
As far as Im aware in GT3/Open Wheel class tires can last 30+ laps depending on your driving style, so it would be hardly noticeable even on highest settings doing less than 4-5 laps

17-05-2015, 10:18
I usually run about 20 laps. has tested the GT3 and LMP2 with extended tire wear. with GT3 at x3 AI went into the pits once I could easily make the race without pit stop.

With LMP2 I test x7 with 20 laps. AI got pungtering after maybe 6 laps , which is perhaps not so surprising X7 is really unreal , and know when to enter pits is hard.

but I could finish the race without a pit stop !?

17-05-2015, 19:11
I seem to have experienced a similar problem. I've just been racing at Hockenheim with times 7 tyre wear on for a 30 lap race in Formula B cars. The CPU cars stopped on lap 6, 12, 18 and 24. I only had to stop once for tyres on lap 15. I did both my stints on soft tyres, whilst I note that AI were on the grey striped medium tyres.

By the end of my 15 laps I was 4 seconds a lap slower than I was at the start of the stint so there was an amount of tyre wear with the understeer becoming an issue on the last couple of laps of each stint (I had fuel turned off as I wanting to look at tyre wear in isolation). However, I was expecting that drop off to happen alot sooner given it was times 7 tyre wear. In my mind I was expecting to have to pit about lap 5.

I had damage turned to visual only so I wonder whether that had any impact.

17-05-2015, 19:14
Yes, there is an issue with the AI tyre wear (x7). In this video you can check it easily: