View Full Version : List of flaws and bugs. Big and small.

Black Puma
16-05-2015, 13:51
First of I want to say I really hope the team of Slightly Mad Studios is taking all the reports on the forum seriously and work hard on patching up the game.
I'm having fun with Project Cars. But unfortunately the fun never lasts long cause of some design flaws and bugs that keep ruining the experience.
Here is a list with all the bugs and problems I've encountered so far. And please, oh please read this and fix these issues.


- Car setups simply won't save!! Even when choosing save to all tracks. video demonstrating > https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=0fc0683b1f52364d&id=FC0683B1F52364D%21221&sff=1
- Degrees of rotation problem! All cars will have 900 DOR no matter what. Even after doing the calibration correctly.
- Game will freeze at loading circuit/race screen from time to time. (reset of game is required)
- Cars driving through me.
- In car view unrealistically bright at night races. (and I'm not talking about headlights shining in your car from the driver behind you)
- Strange engine sound bug that will occur from time to time. Hard to explain but it's sounds if the engine sound is being echoed.
- When in party chat you're unable to hear your friends talk when braking and driving of road. (I'm not making this up!)
- Fuel settings won't save. Example. I have set the fuel to 3.0 in qualifying. Race a view laps and decide to return to Pit Box. The fuel setting has now been reset to whatever it was before.
- Insta Disqualified bug. Not touching a button or pedal but sometimes the car will roll by itself on the starting grid/intro animation sequence, disqualifying you before the race even starts.
- In replay some cars will leave strange dust clouds through the entirety of the race.
- When simulating the remaining laps of the race and spectating you are stuck in that mode. I was only able to exit the race therefore had to do the race again from the start.
- In the race results screen after a race. "Continue" is never automatically highlighted. It's always another option which is strange. Why would I restart a race that I won?

Overall Flaw:

- Lack of guidance and further explenations in some settings and calibration menus.
I think this is probably the biggest flaw of the game. I understand it's a racing sim and tinkering with settings is a part of that. However you're targeting gamers here, not engineers. Only very little on some of the settings is being explained. We need to know what EVERY setting does and what kind of effect it will have.

My setup:
Xbox One
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia