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16-05-2015, 15:33
Hi all!
Thought I would shear some of the setups Ive done for cars used in the career. Please note that these are for a controller on the Xboxone and AI is set at 70%.

So far through my career ive come across a few races where ive had no option then to start to tweak them and by doing this I was able to control and put a good time in. I'll keep this post up to date with the cars Im finding that need quick tune and post only the things that I changed. Also if you have any better ones please post them.

BAC Mono
Tire Pressure: All set to 1.30
Brake Pressure: 80%
Steering Ratio: 20.4:1
Front Ride Hight: both 90mm
Rear Ride Hight: both 92mm