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16-05-2015, 16:18
Bought the digital game on the 8th may, downloaded it. Had no problems till yesterday when the ps4 will not allow it to run as it cannot verify licence on the sever. If I do get to play it, I may get 15 mins worth of play time then i get a message saying game being suspended in 15 mins as sever cannot verify licence. Is there a fix for this, is it a game problem or ps4 problem.

Siberian Tiger
16-05-2015, 16:23
Do they some maintenance on PSN? That could cause such a behaviour i guess...

Sadly not at Home so i can't try it. Right know..

16-05-2015, 16:25
Had this earlier when I logged on, restarted the PS4 and waited a sec, then tried it again, been fine so far. It's a rarity, but it's something that happens on Playstation's end, most likely maintenance related

16-05-2015, 16:28
The icon on the ps4 has a locked padlock on it which when i press start it comes up with that message.

16-05-2015, 16:32
Ive restarted my system and somestimes the padlock icon is still there. if i disconnect my internet and reconnect it, it then dissapears.