View Full Version : Confused Limited Edition Digital Cars.

16-05-2015, 16:40
Hi all sorry to post this but im confused.

I have the Digital limited Edition and the Lycan car. Where do i look at the cars i actually have as when i go in my garage i am totally lost.

Age may be an issue here and technical know how(Old and Slow). Someone point me in the right direction please.

Thanks In Advance

16-05-2015, 17:28
Dont understand what you are really asking. You asked where are the cars but you said you went to "My Garage". Are the cars not in "My Garage" or you cannot find ""My Garage"?

18-05-2015, 06:44
There are lots of cars i can seem to access in My Garage. I thought you would have to earn cars or can you use every car in the game straight away ?

Where do i see just the cars i have got from the limited digital edition and the Lycan Hypersport ?


18-05-2015, 06:52
you can use every car straight away, you don't have to earn them

18-05-2015, 07:08
Just take the list of the cars included in the limited edition, and compare them with your car's in your garage.