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16-05-2015, 16:58
Don't worry.. I'm not here to complain. It's just, I have noticed some pretty glaring problems already that are pretty much game breakers until they are fixed. I am using the Xbox One version of the game.

A. Sometimes the cars will lock the steering full right or left and will not release until you steer completely in the opposite direction. Now, please do not tell me that it is some part of the game.. I have been around racing all my life, from Porsche Club to Prototype. The only thing real about your steering locking in one direction is that it would kill the driver if it were real life. This is game breaking, to me. Sometimes I will be driving around a corner ( high speed or low speed ) and I will have to counter-steer, however, the car ends up in the wall. It is nearly impossible to counter-steer and then opposite lock after that just to reset the locked steering. PLEASE fix this. It makes the game stressful, because I never know when it is going to do it. I have talked to some friends that are reporting the same problem.

A2. Counter-steering does next to nothing! I get it.. Punish us for too much throttle or being sloppy, but gadzooks, can we not correct it with a solid counter? I know that most race cars are like light switches and will be on or off, but sliding off the track at 23 mph with absolutely ZERO throttle in a LMP1 PROTOTYPE? REALLY?????

B. The LAG. Even when I am not in a lobby.. Just TT, I will get some serious, game breaking lag. I don't even understand how this is happening. I have 100 meg connection and never really have problems with lag. Usually, resetting the game will fix this, but I shouldn't have to reset every 45 mins. As for online racing.. I have not been in one single online race that did not have serious lag issues.

C. When picking cars for a certain class, sometimes only one car will show up. For instance, say I am doing TT's and pick the prototype genre. When I go to select car, the only car that shows up will be the Sauber Mercedes. This happens in all the genre's though.

D. Chase view camera. Sometimes the camera will just start rising up slowly until it is like a birds eye view of the very top of the car. All I have to do is flick the camera stick and it resets, but I shouldn't have to do that. It breaks concentration and also causes anxiety because I have no idea when it is going to happen.

E. The tracks seem awfully narrow.. I've been on most of these tracks and can say with confidence that they are more narrow than the actual track.

F. Aprons.. Since when do aprons launch cars in the air? Aprons are there for a reason and it is not to completely ruin your lap for touching them. Now, it's not every apron and it's not every time, but sometimes the car will scrub the apron and get tossed like the butt of a cigarette.

G. Graphics.. While they aren't horrible.. They certainly are not on par with next gen console racing games. I mean, the shadows of the trees and various other boundary objects are no better than a first gen Xbox, seriously. Night driving reminds me of a Nintendo NES when I look off into the distance.

After reading many other forum posts, I feel so much better knowing that my friends and I aren't the only ones experiencing significant problems. This game needs some serious help. I have the digital download version or I would be pursuing a refund. I really don't like what is happening to the gaming community. Games are being released that have absolutely no business being released. We keep buying them and developers keep farting them out. God, I hope this doesn't get worse.

I really like this game and I take racing very seriously. You guys did a phenomenal job with the sound of some of these cars. The Zonda is SPOT ON at all rev ranges. I realize the game is new to the consoles and that there are going to be bugs. I am bringing the problems to light so that they can get the attention they need.

16-05-2015, 17:23
A) Well known issue. Read the forum posts re Xbox 1 Controller issues etc.

B) Haven't experienced it or read about it.

C) Haven't experienced it or read about it.

D) Haven't experienced it or read about it. Use a more realistic view.

E? Haven't experienced it or read about it. Use a more realistic view. Tracks look just fine to me.

Patch #2 is on the way, as is obvious when you read all the threads.

16-05-2015, 17:39
I will use the view I prefer from what is offered. I use cockpit view sometimes, but it is not my first choice. I am friends with professional drivers that use chase view when gaming.

16-05-2015, 23:33
Bump.. People should see this.

Also, this next patch better be a miracle or I'm going to pursue a refund. The forum has really shined light on how bad this game is right now.