View Full Version : Lesson learned?

16-05-2015, 17:17
Well. I learnt a valuable lesson this afternoon.

I retsarted my career as I didn't want to do the karts after doing FRookie.

So I started in the Formula A. Pole position in Dubai for first race of the season, 27 laps. At about lap 15 or so, my engineer tells me my brakes are overheating. I was about 18 seconds ahead of 2nd place at this point in the race. So I started to ease off. However, the engineer kept on banging on about it..

Now, 27 laps is a fucking long time, and when I get in to the zone, I tend to drift off a bit in my head. I got to lap 25/27 and was almost drifting off to sleep, when my front left brake fucked up and I went a barrier, but only slightly. My suspension was done, gap down to 3 seconds. Had to hit the pit lane, finished 10th.