View Full Version : experience pCARS Multiplayer monologue by Dvc 2015

16-05-2015, 17:54
Had my coffee, turned on PS4. Time to browse for some decent online Lobbies. This one could be nice: 14 people in, 24 Le Mans. Hmm.. 4 laps in thunderstorm in BAC Mono, could be interesting I think. Looking for more info. Inside camera view, realistic aids, full damage(!), must be some decent host and his friends. ... I thought. Anyway, started on second row, by the first chicane on Mulsanne Straight I was in second place. By the second one I realised there were only 3 people left racing. Well, I think to myself three of us going to have some fun racing. On the second lap guy in 1st spun in the chicane and lost 6 or 7 seconds, I was now the leader. Leader of, now, two man race as the guy in third decided thats being last, 15 seconds behind the leader in 25 minute race is pointless. For another lap number two was few seconds behind me, then spun again in the same place as before. And disconnected. Unlucky him, as few minutes later I damaged my front left and had to "crawl" for half a lap to the finish line. Still I was the winner of this race. But.. can I call myself a winner? I was also last person who crossed the finish line...

by Dvc.

17-05-2015, 01:07
Never say never!
So many races I started at the back and finished on podium simply because I persisted while everyone else wrecked themselves or was slow enough for me to pass.

Doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile ;)