View Full Version : T300 GTE showing up as T500 in settings

16-05-2015, 18:01
Slightly strange one but when I first started playing the game on PS4 the T300 showed up correctly, however today it has mysteriously changed to a T500 and no matter what I do, reset wheel settings, disconnect wheel etc it makes no difference. I updated firmware to V24 (latest) on Thrustmaster site.

Any suggestions??

Also what is the correct procedure for calibrating the wheel rotation. I start by rotating the wheel full lock so that the display shows 100%, then I leave the wheel on full lock and rotate back 90 degrees then click save. HOwever when I go into a game the lock is way off and requires me to manually change the lock to 270 degrees using the d-pad and mode button. I'm guessing i'm calibrating incorrectly?

Loving the game and really grates on me all the whining from non sim fans moaning about how there are too many settings!! Go back to Driveclub I say. Awesome work by SMS and I only see this franchise going one way... Roll on Project Cars 2

16-05-2015, 18:15
Is you mode slider on PS4 if on PS3 it will show as T500 i think.

Calibrate, full to one side, return to center then turn till it shows 900 on screen.

16-05-2015, 21:49
I had the same problem with the wheel being identified as a T500. I forgot to change the wheel from PS3 mode to PS4. That solved the problem for me...