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16-05-2015, 18:33
hello everybody
I am Giuseppe aka Sicily Style on x1
I just started to play Pcars and i found it relly interesting, i know there are some issues but nothing for me that can affect this game
( for me it is a really revolutionary game)
at the moet i am playing with the joypad but in few days i will have the steering wheel madcatz
does someone have the best settings for it?
it would be relly appreciate to have it
and also few setting for the superkart ( i am starting to do the uk championship eheheh)
apart of this i would like to share with you the settings i found at the moment for the pagani and for the cathermen superlight 500

Pagani in Monza Circuit
tyres pirelli pzero corsa
tyres pressure front 1.98
rear 1.98
brakes pressure 95% with 60% on the front brakes
down force 0.3 front and rear
ratio steering 10,5:1
height 86mm front, 92mm rear
rigidity damping 83nm ant, 35nm rear
stabilizer 70nm front, 35nm rear
LSD 20 front and rear
Brakes mapping 4

Catherman superlight 500/Oulton Park

Tyres pressure:1,34 front 1,32 rear
brakes balancing 70% ant
steering ratio 10,8:1
height fron 100mm rear 110mm
rigidity damping front 28nm, rear 37nm
stabilizer front 45nm,rear 9nm

let meknow if is good fro you and if you will find it usefull :-)
bear in mind that i am still paying with the joypad

i will try to share my info with all of you if you want
have a great day