View Full Version : [KNOWN] Driving view changes after pit stop

Jimbo Jones
16-05-2015, 18:55
did two pit stops during gt3 us trophy round one main race @ laguna seca and both times i was racing in helmet cam and after a pit stop the cam had reverted to cockpit cam.

Umer Ahmad
16-05-2015, 19:08
Yes, known issue. You were able to cycle hack to Helmet Camera at least, correct?

Jimbo Jones
16-05-2015, 20:29
Yes correct thanks

24-05-2015, 14:58
I can reproduce this on the PC so I think it applies to all platforms.

14-06-2015, 08:08
This bug is still happening with the 1.4 patch, PC

15-07-2015, 05:03
Still happens after patch 2.0.