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16-05-2015, 20:13
Hi all i have just realised i have been playing with traction and stability control off.I have been doing ok but struggle with back end on high power cars pagani and formulaA. I am guessing turning these aids on will stop that happpening? Also will it make me slower turning them on. I use automatic gears . Thanks

o Mike V o
16-05-2015, 20:15
They will help you out, I would stay away from ABS and switch to manual shifting though.

16-05-2015, 20:25
In PC cars tc and sc wont make you slower and will help you to drive "easier", depending on your skill level and car you driving. It will however make it a bit tougher to keep up with the top LB guys. However, driving Automatic gears is definately slower than manual gear changing as the latter allows you to change gears at peak rpm (not over peak). If you relatively new to sim racing I would suggest keep tc and sc on and practice changing gears manually. And practice and practice and ...... you'll get there. Best of luck mate.

16-05-2015, 20:35
Thanks guys. Been playing a lot since release dont usually play much racing , trying to get to know tracks before i attempt manuel gears

o Mike V o
16-05-2015, 20:38
You are better off to learn the manual gears while you learn the tracks, you will find which gear is optimal for every corner.

16-05-2015, 20:42
Thanks will ge on and try it