View Full Version : wooden spoon award for finishing last

16-05-2015, 20:25
hello great game enjoying it loads, just thought id ought to report this here for any devs who might see

i was racing in the dtm at hockenheim gp. after getting left for dead in the rain i found myself lapped by the 1st and 2nd driver.
then when crossing the finish line it says i placed 3rd. either i had an awesome outlap and passed 29 cars without realising or it might be a glitch

thanks anyways for a fun RACING game and not some console release pornography where the big car lists all merge into 5 different feeling cars

Umer Ahmad
16-05-2015, 20:30
No, thats a bug. Thought we fixed it prior to release? Thanks for reportig.

16-05-2015, 22:25
no worries, guessing its not the sort of bug many people want to report getting lapped by the ai