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16-05-2015, 20:43

I'm just wondering if I can save my cars setup from a free practice session.
If not, is there a way I can test a new set up from the car set up screen?

The Clio cup car is a pain in the ass. I spent an hour trying to stop it over steering, which is weird for a FF car. I pressed X to save the set up after I was satisfied only to discover the set up had been lost after I closed the free session. I can't remember every nuanced selection I made to the car so I'm going to have t do it again.

16-05-2015, 21:07
It's possible to save your car set up via the Options button and the select My Garage. In the garage select Edit current setup where you can save it for all or a selection of tracks.

16-05-2015, 21:21
Go to your garage with clio and check if you can load setup trom that track you were setting it up. If you really saved it you will be able to load it from there. Then you can save it for specific tracks or as global one

16-05-2015, 22:48
Hey guys, does this really work for you?
When I tweak the settings of a specific car on a specific track in carreer mode, I can hit the safe-button but it doesn't help anything. As soon as I enter the pits for some more adjustments, all settings get restored to defaults.
That's very annoying and affects not only the car setup but also the force feedback settings.
I tried create a car setup in the main garage and also saved it there for all tracks. Nevertheless, those settings get discarded as soon as I get back on track in the career mode.

Anyone else experienced this frustrating bug? Is there anything I can do about???

17-05-2015, 04:07
The reason it changes back to default is because there, is also a pit setup, which can be a completely different setup to default, you can save car settings for this as well.

But I must admit it's very confusing, and I would prefer just to be able to save personally settings for setups, which could then be loaded for whatever car you would like to try it with.

A guide on car setups would be really beneficial and the lack of manuals nowadays is very frustrating. Someone needs to produce a manual/guide on this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17-05-2015, 09:13
Dear Ant006, could you explain this pt setups in more detail?
If there's a pit setup that's different to the general saved setups (made in the garage), what's the purpose of the general setup at all? Also when I change the settings in the pits, drive a lap or two and come back to the pits, the setup is resetted, too.
So how am I supposed to work on my constant driving when the car- and FFB settings get messed up every time I enter the pits or start a new race?

17-05-2015, 09:24
There are workarounds to this problem like not using the back to pit option, run the timer down but these are ok when your happy with the setup

17-05-2015, 10:38
Running the timer down is what I usually do once I have a matching setup. While I'm still searching for a decent setup, the suggested workaround is no option for me at all. It's really annyoing that I have to remeber all the settings and dial them in every time...
Is this problem a known bug that will be adressed in a patch somewhen? Or is the game meant to be this way?

17-05-2015, 15:32
Does it work? Yes, technically it does. But that is the problem here. Managing car setups should is only possible via My Garage (right?) but what it saving and loading is also possible via the pit. Wouldn't that make life easier?

It would also make a lot of sense if it was possible to have different configs per car (regardless of the track). E.g. one config you generally use, but when trying things have a copy with a different name so you're not required to make photographs of each of the setup pages.

27-05-2015, 21:43
does SMS/ WMD or anyone have an instruction, manual or guide, or youtube video or anything at all to explain how it works on the PS4 to save for example Audi R8 GT3 car:
1) general setup to save across all tracks?
2) specific (ie: race or tests) setup to save to a single track?
3) to save a qualification setup?
4) to save a practice session setup?

i guess once one knows how to save and load and reset, we can apply same for all vehicles? also is there an explanation why some vehicles gears and final ratio are locked or unlocked/ one of the both or both????

question regards to setup load, save and reset i found here, not answered, german forums people asking around and englias speaking forums, so i am surely not the only one who has not figures this out yet (and yes i admit i am dumber than everyone that's why i ask on official forum!)

27-05-2015, 21:51
You can do all the things these guys have mentioned, but there is no guarantee it will actually save.

27-05-2015, 22:24
i have the same problem. i run in practice mod , set the Force Feedback to the numbers i want. i save , it shows me the sign that is saving ,but after i press exit and come back all the numbers are back to default. this is outrageous. developers wake up ... u need to do something about this ,so u at least can create and save a setup for each car that actually stays saved.

28-05-2015, 00:09
What I'm making when testing with the settings of a specific car is not going to boxes. If after a few laps I want to change any settings, resetting the session works for me. The settings still maintaining the same. I'm making this on every practice/session until I am happy with the car settings for that track. Exiting the race reset all settings too. Only a few times, from a day to another the settings are the same I've saved, but this is luck and don't occurs practically never.

The worst of this, it's that this only works on actual playing session. If you turn off the console, the game or exit the race, when returning to that race/practice you need to change all the settigns again. Very frustrating.

Waiting for the patch.


28-05-2015, 01:55
You can do all the things these guys have mentioned, but there is no guarantee it will actually save.



14-06-2015, 11:28
Car setups are still not saving!

I've tuned the m3 gt3 3 times now as the save setup mysteriously vanishes!

I enter into practice at main menu, make changes to setup, save then go into multiplayer on that track and it's automatically loaded up. Usually no problems. Yesterday though I went to race the m3 gt3 at monza online. Came out of the pits and the gearing was set a short as possible. I've never saved the setup like that. It doesn't make sense.

I found the sweet spot for this car at monza and now I can't remember the exact things I changed to make it handle like a dream. Wish I had written it down on paper! Hope this will be fixed soon.

15-06-2015, 01:56
One of the biggest failings is the clunky pit setup menu and save options. You should be able to transfer all your tyre pressures and selections over without having to remember them and enter them all again. It should default to whatever you're running and you can just adjust if nessecary.

15-06-2015, 08:31
I would like to be able to save set ups and load them during a session. Having to load and save them before getting to the track is not great. It kind of kills tweaking as you have to go back to the main menu (unless I am missing something?)