View Full Version : What's the best wheel to buy for ps4 and where to buy from

16-05-2015, 20:54
Tried playing this game on the pad a despite a top 100 lap time im in desperate need of a wheel! BUT no where seems to have any stock at all? What's the best one to go for and does anyone know where I can get one in the midlands area UK? Thanks

Khyber GT
17-05-2015, 00:54
best is cswv2

best and cheaper, t300

17-05-2015, 02:52
Cheapest option is T80. $99 USD, does the trick.

Khyber GT
17-05-2015, 02:57
Cheapest option is T80. $99 USD, does the trick.

it has no real ffb. just vibration though

17-05-2015, 04:56

17-05-2015, 08:57
Ideally wanted force feedback but still can't find anybody who has stock of any of these!! Think this game must of convinced everyone to go buy a wheel haha

17-05-2015, 10:09
T100 is cheap under 100/$150 with FFB is an ok starter wheel BT have Stock. If money no object T500 or a fanatec wheel. Or wait 6 months to see if the G25/27 gets support.