View Full Version : Endurance race suggestion

16-05-2015, 22:28
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, if so then I apologise, but how about adding a system whereby you can drop in and out of an endurance race like a real driver would.

For example you could start the Le Mans 24hr, drive to your first pit stop and then swap drivers (which I know you can currently do in real time). While the AI driver is controlling the car, you can speed up time, like you can in the simulate remainder of session mode, until he pits and then you can jump back in and race a bit more. Rinse and repeat until you've finished the race.

One more thing for LMP races. When using a multi-class grid, could we have some GT cars in there like in the real race and get rid of those Caterhams that don't have any headlights? Or maybe allow us to make custom grids.

mister dog
16-05-2015, 22:29
Mid race save feature for those that can't afford to play PCARS for hours on end ;)

16-05-2015, 23:09
Well that's why I suggested being able to speed up time like you can in simulate session mode. :)

The only options I have at the moment to do a 24 hour race would be 1) sit through the entire thing myself, which is unrealistic as a real driver can't drive the full race, 2) run the full 24hrs and swap between myself and the AI driver, which means leaving my PC on for the whole of the race, 3) do short races, say 1 hour sections, in real time for each stint of the race that I want to drive, but this means re-doing the start every time I want to race my stint... The 3rd option would work if there was some way to carry over the positions from the previous race, aside form writing them down and working it out yourself, and have it start the session without having to re-do the rolling start again.