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16-05-2015, 22:48
I'm sure you know of some of these already, but I can't find them, so cherry pick at your leisure...

1. During the 'Road TD British Challenge', race 2 in career at Oulton Park - When starting near the back of grid (on the hill), if you edit your car setup before the race starts, the car rolls back down the hill before the race starts.

2. On completion of a career race, there are five options.

View Replay
Save Replay

The highlighted option should always be 'Continue', yet more often than not, the highlighted option is 'Restart' or 'Exit'. Not a game breaker by any means, but really annoying none the less, and should be an easy fix.

3. On occasion, there is no sound when entering a race. Has happened in solo and online races at a number of tracks.

4. Clouds - Occasional dark flicker at numerous tracks, most noticeable at Snetterton.

5. Superkart Opponent Skill - currently I have opponent skill set to 80, which is a decent challenge for me right now. A perfect start and race will see me win by a couple of seconds in most cars. One mistake and they're all over me. In Superkarts, I am over half a lap ahead of second place without even trying. Like the glitchy clouds and the frame rate issues, it removes you from the experience and reminds you that this is a game with code and whatnot.

6. Starting in last place on Glencairn Kart Club Trophy - AI drives the Kart into a wall, during rolling start.
* My career currently requires me to 'race' in 125cc Karts (AGAIN?!) and a Ford Escort (that thinks it's a stunt car)...patience is very much being tested

7. Ford Escort pulls to the right constantly. Haven't noticed this with any other car, and I can confirm it does happen using a different controller....this may be why it flips over in a gentle breeze, and handles as if John Candy is in the boot!

8. When entering pitbox and editing car setup numerous times, the pit guy sometimes forgets to release you?! There are no oncoming vehicles...you could sit there for the whole session waiting to get out. If you return to editing your car setup, then try again to drive, he will then release you.

Initia1 B
17-05-2015, 08:01
I too have had the no sound issue. Having said that the sound in general is horrendous for me. It constantly sounds like some one is tapping and blowing on a microphone. Shame as the engine noise is good when the sound doesn't 'glitch' out now and then. I also find my self often rolling forward on the grid too, no biggie coz I just hold it on the foot brakes. But still.......