View Full Version : Mandatory Pit Stops

16-05-2015, 23:55
I probably missed this already but I am wondering if I am permitted to go beyond lap 2 in Race 2. It always comes up on lap 2 to "Box this lap" I always comply with my race engineer but end up in the middle of the pack too soon with the slower traffic. Can I go further into the race turning fast laps out front before I pit as long as I pit before the last lap? Just refer me to the appropriate thread if I missed it.

17-05-2015, 00:23
Alright. Stupid question. If I had of fully read the rules and regulations in my Pit box I would have had my answer. I can pit anytime after the pit lane is open but before the last lap.

Initia1 B
17-05-2015, 07:53
Yes mate you can pit any time during the pit 'window'. Keep in mind though that may not always be right upto the last lap. I cant say for sure as I've knocked career on the head unitl 'things' get sorted.