View Full Version : Livery Selection Stays When Car Changes In Garage.

17-05-2015, 00:24
Right now when you select a car and a livery, it doesn't stay selected sometimes (online I will pick an SLS GT3, pick a livery, but its a random livery when I get on track?), and if I pick another car, it changes back to default.

For example:

Pick Merc SLS AMG, and a livery.
Then for another race Audi R18 #1, the SLS will be reset to default livery.

Unless I am doing very wrong, this system appears very awkward and a quicker form of livery and car selection that actually remembers your previous selection would be much better.

21-05-2015, 19:22
Yeah, you thought that would be sorted. I'm still in shock. My friends won't buy the game because you can't personalise the cars!