View Full Version : Help! HUD totally dissappeared?!?

Agent 21
17-05-2015, 02:44
So I was playing last night and got invited to an event and when I started my HUD is totally gone. I go into edit, and all the stuff is there to delete/move/etc, but no matter what I do, when I go back to the race there is absolutely NOTHING on my HUD. I figured maybe it glitched or something and finished the even and just shut down for the night. I just fired it back up and started a qualifying event and same thing, totally blank screen aside from my helmet and such, no info stuff at all. I have no clue how fast I'm going, what my tire temps are, no idea the track layout since iver never driven it and no mini map....what gives? Everything was fine before it randomly dissappeared last night?

This is on XBox One by the way.

*EDIT* well I feel dumb, didn't even know left on the d-pad turned HUD on/off til I accidently hit it trying to remember how to turn wipers on....mystery solved! Haha!