View Full Version : Assigning Controls... not the typical issue, I'm stumped.

17-05-2015, 04:14
Okay guys I really can't not figure out if this is me being a bit dull, or a real honest to goodness issue. I'm guessing it is the former, I would like to change some control assignments most notably assigning request pit stop. My issue is I can't seem to assign any controls to any button but A. I highlight the command I want and then try to select it with A but this Binds the control to my A button. I also tried just clicking the right stick with the command highlighted but this does nothing and leaves it unassigned. I would seriously appreciate some help with this issue. I have looked around the forums and online and can't find anything regarding it. It's probably such a simple fix no one has thought people would need it. I am using an Xbox one and wireless controller. Thanks again in advance.

17-05-2015, 04:18
try plugging your controller into the xbox or even checking to see if you have the latest controller update

17-05-2015, 04:23
I definitely do have the most up to date controller firmware. Thank you for the quick response though, could someone explain how is the process supposed to work. Like do you just highlight the command like "Request Pit" and then press which ever button you would like to assign it to?

17-05-2015, 05:31
You should highlight the function you want to map, press A once to start the map process (a window should popup telling you to press the desired button) then press what you want it to be. If you arent getting the window or its dissapearing really fast it sounds like your controller may be on the fritz and sending double inputs. I'd try another one if possible.

Ummm what also might be happening (just to be sure) you know that the green A to the right of the function is not the assigned button right? Thats just telling you what to press to start assigning. The assigned button is written under the function in regular black text.